Women in SA


Women in our Fellowship

SA meetings are open to both sexes unless otherwise specified on the meeting list, but we recognize the majority of our members are men. The density of men in SA means that women sometimes find themselves at meetings where they are the only female in a room. This can be challenging at first. We have also found great recovery in mixed meetings.

In addition to regular attendance at face-to-face meetings, you may want to take advantage of some additional resources here.

To speak with someone locally, use the Contact Us link and indicate that you would like to speak with a woman about SA. 

NJ SA Women's Meeting:

Tuesday's 7:30PM Lakewood

Please call Chavi K at 732-288-5625 for location.

Please email:  lakewoodsawomen@gmail.com  for information.

Women in SA (WISA)

Providing resources for women to connect to the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous

1-888-802-5376  (toll-free) or e-mail: womeninsa@yahoo.com

Women's SA Phone Meeting

 SIS (Sisters In Sobriety) Saturday's meeting at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST)
Click Here to Join Email Meetings (Women SA Yahoo Group)
Internet Meetings Available
Women are screened before entering meetings 

Women's S-Recovery Meeting*

If you are a female in S-Recovery program, this meeting is for you!

Sunday's 7:00 PM Freehold, NJ
Women's SAA Recovery Meeting

Central State Medical Center
Star & Barry Tobias Wellness Center, Conference Center Room A (behind the hospital)
901 W Main St - Off Routs 9 & 33, near Freehold Raceway Mall
Meeting Contacts: 
Paula -  phone: 201-562-6777
Mindy -  phone: 732-820-0226    e-mail: MINDY0518@OPTONLINE.NET

*This is NOT an SA meeting but a S-Recovery meeting open to all women in any S-Recovery program.